[Tie-ta-ri-kun] Terrible Giant

The Writhe Moons

Morn-saar The largest of all Titarrikkun’s moons.
Tarrikos Tarrikos was the first of the moon to be visited in recent history.
Fortrasz A mile thick ice surface imprisons a moon of water.
Keljien Keljien is in an early stage of Writhe colonisation making it the most attractive target for Hunters
Deliahn A The largest body in the Deliahn ring.
Deliahn D The smallest of the 4 celestial bodies of note within the Deliahn ring
OpKletstintanThe farthest and darkest moon of Titarrikkun.

Deliahn Ring

The Deliahn ring represents the most dense orbital intersection of the Titarrikkun cluster. It is told that a celestial angel ‘Deliahn’ seduced by the might of Titarrikkun collided with a past moon of the giant. Titarrikkun mercilessly enslaved the angel, and the visible ethereal ring represents her ghostly footsteps as she ever tries to find a way to escape his hold.
Scientific analysis provides reason to believe a comet may have broken up in Titarrikkun’s orbit in recent history, consequently bringing some order to the other masses making up the cluster.



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