Medium sized rocky world in the Aire System. Non life sustaining due to very thin atmosphere and lack of water … but rich in mineral deposits which are mined by a number of worlds.

Named after Lucius Verdi Bol … a lantao merchant and the first to begin significant mining of the worlds metals. As a territory Bol doesn’t belong to anyone. The Bol agreement of 2905 dictates that any man can claim an area of Bol to prospect and mine on the condition that the area can be deemed reasonable for a single venture, he nor his organisation has registered another mine in the past year, it does not currently impinge on another registered mine, and a donation of 10,000 Cytanian credits or 200,000 lantaoesse chits is made to the communal Bol defense authority (a community of miners and their hired guns). These vague, and ill defined, rules often cause problems and disputes over Bol mining rights are common in both Lantaoesse and Cytanian courts.

Bol has 2 moons; Lucius and Verdi … both of which are largely absent of the resources of Bol, but are used as staging grounds both for mercenary’s defending the miners … and pirates looking for an easy score.




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